Press Kit Fake Empire
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Origin : Namur et Brussels, BE

Genre : Pop - Indie 

Members : Lorraine Melery (vocals) , Clémence D'Hulst (vocals, cello), Mégane Melery (guitar), Margaux Melery (drum). 


Fake Empire, borrowed from a song by The National, is the name they decided to adopt to represent the group they formed in 2017. Hailing from Namur, specifically the surrounding countryside, this female quartet thrives and gains more prominence on the Belgian music scene each year. It consists of the Melery sisters and a friend who joined the group a few years ago. Their talent is naturally enriched by musical studies, including music theory and jazz at The Jazz Studio in Antwerp for the three sisters, and the Conservatory for Clémence. Lorraine Melery (27 years old) takes the lead on vocals with a dense and intense voice, Margaux Melery (23 years old) handles the drums, Mégane Melery (23 years old) plays the guitar, and Clémence D’Hust (25 years old) plays the cello and contributes with softer vocals. While the group started in a family setting, practicing in a converted garage and performing cover songs for the village festivities, they constantly evolve while maintaining the atmosphere proposed by the Melery sisters and embraced by Clémence. Proud of their femininity, the group creates powerful songs in which musical melancholy resonates with lyrics that seek to understand the contemporary world. Thus, they have developed an indie-pop style that oscillates between lightness and tenacity, sometimes leaning towards electro, directly inspired by the musical palette that makes up their various personal tastes: artists like David Bowie, Ben Howard, Billie Eilish, and musical genres such as French rap or classical music. To create cohesion and consistency in this wide range of colors, hours of work are required, both as a group and individually, using software like Ableton.


Five years ago, they reached the second place at the "young talents" competition organized by Radio Mint in Namur. Today, they are part of the lineup at the Ronquières Festival (with 65,000 festivalgoers in 2022) following their success last November at L’Envol des cités, an event that has been taking place in the Hainaut province for 18 years. During this time, they have also been noticed at the Humo’s Rock Rally competition and Le Solidarités festival. Known in the Namur region, especially through performances at the Belvédère and Piano Bar, they released their third single, "Just Fine," on July 14th, recorded at Pro Sound Studio in Mons. Their previous two singles, "Red Line" and "Childhood," are already available on all platforms. On the cover of these singles, you'll find the touching portrait of a loved one, which gives us a clear insight into their commitment. Indeed, they constantly honor the artist friends who surround them. For example, last February, they hosted a concert at Lac de Bruxelles, preceded by a performance by Asia (a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from the Brussels region) and followed by a drag show by Lady Leggy and Gisèle (two drag queens also from the Brussels region). Eager to improve, they launched a crowdfunding campaign alongside the event, where you could find T-shirts, sweaters, and tote bags illustrated by the artist UkyioCalavera featuring the group. The musical universe that defines them is constantly renewed and celebrated through the hands of trusted friends who assist with photo shoots, music videos, and stage performances. Today, you can follow their updates on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify) as well as their website (